Song Review by Liam Shy

Song Review

How It Works

This service is provided to help you get real and qualified feedback for your musical productions. Have you ever sent a track to a friend only to hear that it’s “cool” and that “they really like it!” While nice to hear, it’s not super useful for implementing meaningful changes that can help take your song to the next level. By contrast, Liam will carefully evaluate your song, compare it to other similar tracks in your genre, and help you develop a concrete roadmap to success! 


What do I include in my submission?

You can either send Liam a mix down (WAV or AIFF), or (better yet) your entire Ableton Live Session. 

Please also include 2-3 reference tracks and as much detail about what you are struggling with to guide the feedback process.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Feedback?

Please allow 7 days from the date of submission to receive your feedback video. Of course, we always aim to send it back as soon as possible.

Does Liam Shy personally review my song or is it an intern or something?

Great question! It will always be Liam who will personally review your song and send you constructive feedback for improvements.

What service should I use to send files?

Please use Google Drive! It has the best anti-virus protection and the links never expire. It's usually free (or very cheap if you have a ton of storage).

You said I should send 2-3 reference tracks in my genre but nothing else sounds like me.

Please just do the best you can to find similar music, particularly that you enjoy how it is mixed, as well as the sound design techniques. This helps greatly as music does not exist in a vacuum and Liam can use these other songs as a point of reference to help you improve. 

How many rounds of feedback are included in this package?

You will receive one major round of feedback the first time you send the song. This will take place via a screen recorded video session, with Liam sitting down and listening through your track. After you receive your initial round of feedback, we expect that you will implement the changes, but may still have follow up questions! After you have implemented your changes, a second round of feedback is included in this package, which will take place via written communication. (Typically by e-mail). We want to make sure you feel good about the updates and have a chance to improve!

Are there any legal issues or rights that I should be aware of?

This project is considered “Work For Hire”, meaning you will retain all rights, usage and credits for your song. No matter how much feedback Liam gives you (and you implement), you do not need to credit him or assign any royalties to him, besides just the initial payment for the work. If you wish to credit Liam as a "co-writer", please reach out to us directly and we can determine the best way to achieve that. 

However you can be safe in knowing that all legal rights and assignments are 100% yours and you will retain full artistic and legal control over your work.

I have other questions, how can I get in touch?

Drop us a line! [email protected] We look forward to speaking with you!


“I have know Liam for over five years now, I meet him at Pyramind and Audio engineering school in San Francisco. He was an instructor at Pyramind and he taught me everything I know about using Ableton Live and music production. The reason I enjoyed his class is because he always had interesting new ideas on how to use Ableton which I had never seen anyone use. His classes were always fun and informative, it always felt very short because we covered a lot of material that was important to improving my production. I was very impressed by his knowledge that even to this day I still take all my tracks to him for mixing and mastering. I’m so glad that I met Liam because my music production would not be the same without all his help. Thanks you much Liam”
Ka'nete M.
“Liam is such an engaging and entertaining instructor. He makes the information presented accessible to his students of all different levels, and he is so incredibly passionate about music. His use of personal anecdotes and sense of humor makes learning enjoyable, which can often be challenging when learning such a complex subject. He brings his zest for life and intricate knowledge of the music industry to his students, which is a huge asset. Liam wants his students to achieve greatness and to succeed with flying colors, so he is definitely an instructor I feel has been of great value to me. Any class Liam creates, I am happy to take!”
Alexis H.
"I knew Liam for a number of years during my time at Pyramind.  He was the instructor for many of my Ableton related courses.  Liam's knowledge of audio production is nothing short of excellent.  He is able to explain detailed concepts to beginners in a comprehensive way, which makes them immediately accessible.  His understanding of current genres and production styles is vast and makes his knowledge all the more pertinent to young and upcoming producers.  There was never a production technique he was not familiar with.  He has a natural ability as a communicator and everyone seems to get along with Liam.  Liam will bring life to your music with technical production techniques and his unmatched passion for music."
Steven S.

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My Story.

Hi I’m Liam! I’ve been producing and DJ’ing since 2001. Through my career I’ve performed at Love Parade, Burning Man, Coachella, and countless other festivals. As a way to give back, I also help others learn the craft! I teach at SF State University and work 1-on-1! My passion for music has allowed me to travel the world and make a living doing what I love - and you can too! I’m here to share this knowledge with you and help you take your career to the next level!