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Song Finishing Service

How It Works

Have you ever struggled finishing a track that you just KNOW is great but needs a little boost to take it over the top? We all have. Gone are the days of bands with multiple members, managers and check points. Most producers are going alone, which can make the finishing process extremely difficult. This is your chance to get a second set of eyes, ears and experience to help you cross the finish line!

This service is provided to help you finish your full length tracks, song ideas or even turn a musical seed into a finished reality. The level of product that you hand off to Liam is up to you! He is ready and armed to the teeth with years of experience and high end production tools to create a professional quality song for you to release to the world! 

Don't let another tune die on your hard drive... 
Liam Shy (aka Mountain Of Youth) Live at the Great American Music Hall, performing with Troye Sivan.


What do I include in my submission?

You can either send Liam a folder with Stems, or your original Ableton Live project. If you created your song in any DAW besides Ableton Live, please send stems. 

Please also include 2-3 reference tracks and as much detail about what you are struggling with to guide the feedback process.

What are stems / how do I make stems? are simply exports of each individual track. It is important that they are all the same length, equal to the time of the entire song, including all gaps, breaks and silence in between. This will allow Liam to drop all of your stems into a new session, and have everything play back as it should.

Please visit this helpful article from for more information: 

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Finished Song?

Given the complex nature, please allow for 2 weeks from the date of submission to receive your finished song. Of course Liam will try to deliver it as soon as possible.

Does Liam Shy personally work on my song or is it an intern or something?

Great question! It will always be Liam who will personally work on your song. We do not outsource production help of any kind.

What service should I use to send files?

Please use Google Drive! It has the best anti-virus protection and the links never expire. It's usually free (or very cheap if you have a ton of storage).

You said I should send 2-3 reference tracks in my genre but nothing else sounds like me.

Please just do the best you can to find similar music, particularly that you enjoy how it is mixed, as well as the sound design techniques. This helps greatly as music does not exist in a vacuum and Liam can use these other songs as a point of reference to help you improve. 

Are revisions included?

Two revisions are included with the package pricing, which will take place in a specific way.

The first revision point will happen once Liam has completed the “songwriting” portion of the song. Meaning, this will happen before the mixing and mastering portions. Liam will send the track to you at this point and you will be eligible to send back a list of any changes that you would like. There is no limit to how many changes, however this will be your only chance so please ensure that you are as specific as possible and don’t leave anything out. Once you send back your notes, your first revision (if needed), will be considered “fulfilled”.

The second revision which is included, happens after Liam has finished the mixing portion of the process. Again, you will have an opportunity to send a list of any technical changes to the mix, levels, EQ, etc. There is no limit to how many changes you send, but again, it must be done all at once, in a single message. Once your feedback has been received, Liam will execute the changes and then finish the project by mastering it and sending it back. At this point the job is considered to be “complete”.

If you feel strongly that you need any additional revision sessions, don’t worry! They can be purchased for a price of $47 for each subsequent revision session. This covers the time and energy Liam will further spend to help clarify your vision and production goals.

Are there any legal issues or rights that I should be aware of?

This project is considered “Work For Hire”, meaning you will retain all rights, usage and credits for your song. No matter how much work Liam performs, you do not need to credit him or assign any royalties to him, besides just the initial payment for the work. If you wish to credit Liam, please reach out to us directly and we can determine the best way to achieve that. However you can be safe in knowing that all legal rights and assignments are 100% yours and you will retain full artistic and legal control over your work.

I have other questions, how can I get in touch?

Drop us a line! [email protected] We look forward to speaking with you!


“Liam Shy is “The Real Deal!” I’ve been in the performing arts industry for over 15 years and guys like him are second to none. He not only has the technical knowledge and over 10 years of real experience as a premier DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area, but he also has exceptional attention to detail and a great attitude which is a rare find. I learned more about digital production in a few hours with Liam than what I learned in a semester long digital audio class in college. Anyone who is serious about learning music production should seek out Liam Shy.” 
Levi M.
“I had the pleasure of having Liam as my instructor for a music production class in San Francisco a couple of years ago.  Liam is that rare instructor who has deep subject matter knowledge and at the same time is also a very gifted communicator / structured thinker.  The results are nothing less than a joy for even the most demanding students.  Anyone looking to learn music production would benefit immensely from Liam’s expertise and passion.”
Ian K.
"Liam is an amazing teacher! He uses teaching methods that are clear and understandable. If something is confusing, he is happy to try again to explain it so that it is easier to understand. 
He puts a lot of effort into each lesson both in terms of learning outcome and production value.
For online lessons he uses multiple high definition cameras to make sure every aspect of what he shows you is easy to see. After only a few classes I felt very comfortable continuing to explore Ableton Live 10 on my own. Liam also focuses a lot on teaching how to promote yourself in the music industry to become a successful producer."
Amalie D.

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My Story.

Hi I’m Liam! I’ve been producing and DJ’ing since 2001. Through my career I’ve performed at Love Parade, Burning Man, Coachella, and countless other festivals. As a way to give back, I also help others learn the craft! I teach at SF State University and work 1-on-1! My passion for music has allowed me to travel the world and make a living doing what I love - and you can too! I’m here to share this knowledge with you and help you take your career to the next level!