Modular Acid - Volume 1 by Liam Shy

🧪 Modular Acid - Vol. 1 Out Now! 🧪

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Twisted WAV Loops in 24/48 ready for any DAW!!

What’s contained? 134 WAV Files, Recorded in 24 Bit, 48 kHz. All Analog Modular Hardware!!

Perfect for Psytrance, Hitech, Suomi and other Psychedelic Dance Music!  Featuring Hardware from Make Noise, ST Modular, Noise Engineering and More!
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Futuristic Sounds

These sounds are going to SMOKE the competition. 😈 Using the latest futuristic synthesis techniques from INSANELY expensive gear, we are going to set your tracks apart. 💪 Let's face it, sound design is a pain in the ass. Sample manipulation is often WAY faster (and more accurate) in enabling you to finish tracks more quickly and focus on your career. Let's team up to bring the sickest psychedelic Lead and FX Loops into your creations! 🔥
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Make killer music!! 🔪

Making cutting edge music today requires cutting edge sounds. Cycling through Serum presets is NOT enough. Digital VST's lack the power and dynamic range that HOT 🔥 analog modular hardware is capable of!! Modular audio signals are 10V peak-to-peak whereas pro line level (+4dBu) is around 1.7V peak to peak. This means you are getting better signal to noise ratio and maximizing loudness while maintaining healthy dynamic range!!! Put short, the most speaker defying, 3D sounds await!!! 🤟
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Modular Acid - Volume 1